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    active 1 hour, 39 minutes ago
    - "Genesis chapter 5"View
  • Profile picture of cornelia kidd
    active 3 hours, 7 minutes ago
    - "I was looking for a website where i could have fellowships with other like minded people who believe in Christ. I think its wonderful to have a website like this minus all the foolishness."View
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    active 3 hours, 26 minutes ago
    - "@cornelia-kidd Welcome to CFB. Any questions look at the help videos first. I am adding more daily, and then if you still have a question, feel free to contact me either at this profile or with the email icon at […]"View
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    - "10906002_560816057388286_6455667333603222330_n[1]"View
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    active 4 hours, 29 minutes ago
    - "I mention a lot about warmongering and blind support of military agenda. I don’t say as much about laws and police … Being a law abiding citizen doesn’t mean anything beyond the fact that we allow ourselves to […]"View
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    active 4 hours, 33 minutes ago
    - "Hello everyone I am new to this site…so if you send a message plz be patient with me as I am still learning how to work on it lol"View
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    active 6 hours, 34 minutes ago
    - "Love my Annie and the doors she opens for me!"View
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    active 6 hours, 48 minutes ago
    - "Looking forward to social networking that is encouraging and with people who are like minded."View
  • Profile picture of nieka Lawrence
    active 7 hours, 5 minutes ago
    - "Sometimes even when you’re Low on faith, if have even the smallest amount as the size of a mustard seed, you can with the help of the Almighty move mountains and over come your greatest challenges."View
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    active 7 hours, 7 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Reese
    active 7 hours, 48 minutes ago
    - "Let me guess…..Barry’s campaign machine to oust Bibi didn’t work huh…."View
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    active 7 hours, 57 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Zion
    active 8 hours, 9 minutes ago
    - "This morning may the GOD OF LIFE AND IMMORTALITY give you the understanding and Grace to always worship and praise him no matter the circumstances in Jesus name… HAPPY SUNDAY"View
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    active 8 hours, 42 minutes ago
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    active 8 hours, 44 minutes ago
    - "He who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin. OUCH, that hurt."View
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    - ""View
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    active 9 hours, 15 minutes ago
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    - "Jesus is So Amazing!!!!! This Gospel Praise And Worship song truly ministers to me. Hope you are blessed, and Have great weekend!"View
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    active 10 hours, 4 minutes ago
    - "I kept to the Lord’s paths. I didn’t wrongly depart from my God – Psalm 18:21"View
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    active 10 hours, 48 minutes ago
    - "@elisabeth Thank you for the add, Elisabeth! May The Lord bless you and protect you always!"View
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    - "” Pouring out Love from innerself to God makes Life to flow uninterruptedly and harmoniously."View
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    - "@dove Hello Dove, how you doing? :D"View


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