A More Excellent Way….

The Three Rules Of Christian Faithbook

#1 Only Post Family Friendly Pictures

#2 Only Speak With Family Friendly Language

#3 In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things LOVE!

Our Commitment To You

  • To Always Remain Advertiser Free
  • To Never Sell Your Personal Information
  • To Provide Easy And Timely Support
  • To Maintain Our Standards Against Profanity, Inappropriate Images, And Incivility.
  • To Maintain Our Standards Against Internet Fraud

Whether you realize it or not, your use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks is costing you. It is costing you….

  • Your Privacy Each of these social networks place tracking cookies in your browser to track EVERY website you go to in order to show you advertising from those websites. Just visit Amazon and then watch the ads you see on Facebook.
  • Your Control You do not have control over the content that is shown to you on these networks. This is why at times you see game invitations, corporate advertising, and some friend of a friend’s inappropriate language or pictures.
  • Your Safety Because the other social networks are free to join, millions of fake profiles are made with the intent to defraud people. Every day Facebook deletes 20,000 fake profiles that are reported to them. That is over 7 million per year. You and your family is at risk because of these fake profiles.

Taking that into consideration, Christian Faithbook is handling social networking with integrity and transparency. We believe social networking is a good idea, but not how it is being handled by the major corporations currently.

We believe that the more excellent and ethical way is to just ask a minuscule amount of support to pay for our bills. 3 cents per day. It takes 100 members just to buy us a cup of coffee each day. That is more than fair for the services and features we provide. In fact, it is a steal.

We believe that if you consider carefully the real costs of using “free social networking” you will join us in our vision to have a place where people can connect, make friends, fellowship in the things of God, and do so without compromising their values and beliefs.

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