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    - "Thanks for your advice. God Bless you sister."View

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    - "@markhowiehoward God bless you and your wife…thank you for requesting me as your friend… in Jesus name Tentgal"View

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    - "@lefty-linz See the picture below? Ken Ham totally used this picture as the model for Adam in the creation museum!!!! KG"View

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    - "Hadassah the Church Is it possible the American Christian could neglect to use his freedom of speech and his divine mandate to speak up against evil for so long that God would allow him to loose not only his […]"View

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    - ""View

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    - ""View

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    - "@faithwalker Thanks a lot for the friendship,God Bless Our Friendship,God Bless you and your family."View

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    - "Am really really glad and blessed too having friends like you as a family. Be blessed brethren."View

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    - "I am completely lost! I received a message and don’t see where I can reply. Then I tried to send a new message to her, and I didn’t see “send”. I looked at help which was absolutely useless. Is there a tutorial or […]"View

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    - "Has anyone read “God Less America”? Looking for a Christian review before I maybe buy it for my dad."View

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    - "on which ground are you building your foundation, on a sand(human, worldly material) when Wind blow, erosion come and the foundation is destroyed then you will be disappointed or on a ROCK(JESUS) when wind blow, […]"View

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    - "@evangelistsingh Praise the Lord Sister in the name of Jesus Christ. iam so glad to see you how great our God is that He has chosen for His wonderful work of God. we would pray so that the Lord use you wonderfully […]"View

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    - "How do I use my points?"View

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    - ""View

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    - "My beloved CFB friends. I have hard time to keep up with everything. Please forgive me, if I do not answer for your message. God bless you all abundantly forever!"View

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    - "Dedicated to all who are going through rough times….”you will never walk alone” ..He is always with you.. @giovanni, this is for you and your family too…..god […]"View

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    - "This is pretty creepy – signs in the sun, moon and stars (I didn’t read much of the article and do not celebrate Halloween, but the image is […]"View

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    - "God does not further our spiritual life in spite of our circumstances, but in and by our circumstances. Wisdom from Oswald Chambers"View

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