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    God has put more in our hands than we realize. View

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    God, Please help me to stop crying. Please I don’t want to give up. I need to press on. View

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    active 5 minutes ago

    @cfbadmin Good work on the site. In Jesus. Sanjeeb. View

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    You are the anchor for my soul You won’t let go~~~~~~~~~~~ View

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    This has been a tough week. As most of you know, part of what I do includes having a voice on a larger scale to the church in general. Most of the time, I find great pleasure in it. However this week, because of […] View

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    active 18 minutes ago

    Just want to thank those who sent friendship requests! I’m still trudging through the site. I’ve never been on FaceBook so I’m working sort of blind but I’ll get the hang of this lol. Hope everyone had a […] View

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    @aprillee Hi, how are you ? Please be blessed by our Lord Jesus. View

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    DSCN0116 View

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    @fbworker here I be David :) thank you for the friending. fb = facebook? View

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    This is my beautiful grand-daughter and great-daughter Christi and Katelyn View

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    Here’s my latest webpage: What do you think about these Bible verses about heaven? View

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    1 John 3-1 View

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    @charlie67 Dear Bother Charlie, thank you indeed for accepting me as your friend. View



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