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    - "I have been on a quest to read and study the Bible and have been consistent since August. Here lately it has really been a struggle. I know I need to grasp the truths of God’s word and apply them to my life. For […]"View

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    - "Good morning Lord.. time is short. I am standing upon your promise to me. 2Chronicles 20:15 & 17 ” This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged …. For the battle is not yours, but God’s. […]"View

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    - "@lefty-linz See the picture below? Ken Ham totally used this picture as the model for Adam in the creation museum!!!! KG"View

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    - "I AM"View

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    - "This is pretty creepy – signs in the sun, moon and stars (I didn’t read much of the article and do not celebrate Halloween, but the image is […]"View

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    - "Daily Inspiration October 24 Do not be discouraged if it seems that there is no response to your prayers at this time. God always responds. Lord, Your wisdom always responds to my needs with unceasing peace and […]"View

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    - "@jbarrios88 Hi Jen I would like to invite you to join the Group Inspirational Quotes. A community dedicated to finding wisdom during life’s journey, Welcome"View

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    - "I am so very happy that finally I find this Christian networking site… Thanks Jesus…."View

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    - "I did hot a home run! 20140829_191050"View

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    - "I know there is a ton of confusion out there about the flow of end time events especially concerning the book of Revelation. I thought now would be a good time for everyone to read through some very sound doctrine […]"View



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