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  • Group logo of Your not alone!
    active 45 minutes ago

    Feeling lonely? Want to chat? Need to share a problem? Would like prayer? Then join our group! We are all on different walks and we are all part of the body of Christ, it helps to chat, share and give advice to […]

    Public Group / 298 members
  • Group logo of Kitty Kat Korner
    active 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

    This group is for anyone who loves cats and animals.
    Please share pictures of your pets and your stories.
    Please share pictures and videos.

    God bless you!

    Public Group / 76 members
  • Group logo of Prayer
    active 2 hours, 43 minutes ago

    Everyone needs prayer, Please list anything you need prayer about. Together we can all send many angles to flight for any situation that we face.

    Public Group / 18 members
  • Group logo of Christian Chat
    active 2 hours, 43 minutes ago

    social networking for the chat room

    Public Group / 24 members
  • Group logo of Facebook User REGROUP
    active 2 hours, 44 minutes ago

    This is a group that jump ship from Facebook and are trying to try this site out. We will regroup here and start communicating , updates and get to know each other better.

    Public Group / 10 members
  • Group logo of daily prayers and verses
    active 2 hours, 44 minutes ago

    I will be writing daily prayers and verses from the king james version.This group is for everyone to share there favorites as well! God bless

    Public Group / 203 members
  • Group logo of Christian Chat Community
    active 2 hours, 45 minutes ago

    page for Chat Ministry and Online Christian Community

    Public Group / 192 members
  • Group logo of Helpful Scriptures for people who need encouragement
    active 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    This is where people can post scriptures that will help people in troubled times and need some encouragement

    Public Group / 47 members
  • Group logo of Life Can Be A Struggle!
    active 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    This group is for helping each other with the daily struggles of life that we all face. We can help each other with words of encouragement, prayer, testimonies, music, cyber hugs or just a shoulder to cry on or […]

    Public Group / 123 members
  • Group logo of Christian Music
    active 2 hours, 47 minutes ago

    This group is for Christian Musicians and all interested in Christian Music, to share your thoughts, music, and connect with each other.

    Public Group / 341 members
  • Group logo of Prayer and Praise
    active 2 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Here is where you can post your prayer requests and praise reports

    Public Group / 366 members
  • Group logo of Smiles, Laughter & Beyond
    active 2 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Pictures, Posters, Jokes…anything that simply puts a smile on the face or tickles the funny bone and eases tension and maybe give a little relief from sadness. Have a little fun. That’s what this group is about!!!

    Public Group / 177 members
  • Group logo of Pray, repent, encouraging bible verses and videos
    active 8 hours, 38 minutes ago

    This group is for prayers, encouraging bible verses and videos.
    This group is devoted to heartfelt repentance and ongoing prayer for hearts to turn to God…
    Wanted: Prayer Warriors…All who are genuine and […]

    Public Group / 181 members
    active 11 hours, 3 minutes ago


    Public Group / 239 members
  • Group logo of The Bible Prophecy Channel
    active 13 hours, 39 minutes ago

    Welcome to the Bible Prophecy Channel which we hope you will find an informative and stimulating source of information relating to Bible Prophecy, Eschatology and Biblical Christianity

    The Bible Prophecy […]

    Public Group / 76 members
  • Group logo of Views From the Lighthouse
    active 14 hours ago

    This group is to help people edify Christ in their daily lives through posted studies, devotions, thoughts on the Bible, and discussions.

    Public Group / 194 members
  • Group logo of Ask, Seek, Knock
    active 15 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Luke 11:9 ”9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

    I’d like to find a group of people who are not timid about asking the tough […]

    Public Group / 38 members
  • Group logo of Every Day Motivation
    active 15 hours, 33 minutes ago

    A place you can posts quotes and/or pictures of quotes to help you get through the day. Sometimes our day doesn’t start out so well but then we read something that uplifts our spirit and helps us keep on going! :)

    Public Group / 185 members
  • Group logo of Good Songs - Clean Videos
    active 17 hours, 53 minutes ago

    Songs and links can be posted that do not contain bad words or unclean images. It doesn’t have to be a hymn or worship song all about God (though Christian music will often be posted) but secular songs should be […]

    Public Group / 49 members
  • Group logo of Girlie But Grounded
    active 1 day, 8 hours ago

    There are plenty of reasons why we should love who God has made us as Women. We should want to be the best version of ourselves possible…inside AND out. Feel free to post Fashion tips, Beauty secrets, and […]

    Public Group / 74 members

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