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getting started

Hi there,

I just want to welcome you to the most exciting thing I have done since starting my first church in 1988.

First let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me in this adventure. Without people who are willing to step out and try something new and getting involved, nothing can be accomplished for the glory of God.

Christian Faithbook is not a Facebook clone but it offers all the same features as Facebook that everybody uses.

  • You have Friends lists, Friend requests, and friends activity feeds
  • You have groups that you can start and gather people around your particular interests
  • You can upload pictures, videos, and post status updates
  • You can share content from other websites or blogs that you own or like
  • You can invite your friends via email so that in no time at all, you can connect with all of your Christian friends.
  • You can customize your profile with a picture of yourself, share about your interests and who you are. You have the option as to whether or not your profile is public or private.
  • You can search for others people who are similar to you in your age, location, interests, ect.
  • You can private message people or publicly comment on their posts.

Getting Started

Go to the home page. You will see your profile picture or a mystery man avatar on the top left. Under that you have a link to your profile. Go there to begin.

Members - Christian Faithbook

#1 Fill out your profile and upload a picture

#2 This is where you go to see your post status updates and see your friends status updates

#3 This is where you go to see your private messages or send a private message

#4 Send invites to all your friends via email. You can place multiple email addresses in the box. It is suggested that you do not send more than 5 invites at a time so it doesn’t trigger spam filters.

#5 This is where you switch between your wall, the things you like, and your own posts only.

#6 The status updates

#7 Where you type in your status updates or post links to your favorite videos on youtube, vimeo and others.

#8 Where you upload photos to your wall.

Start sending friend requests by going to the members page at the top menu to see which members you might like to invite or using the search for friends  form on the right

Join a Christian group by going to Christian groups and seeing all the fantastic groups that have been started or start your own.

Start posting updates, pictures and videos.

To learn how to do all of this just go the the Christian Faithbook Help Forum and read the posts or ask questions.

I hope you will enjoy Christian Faithbook. With your help we can build something that will bless Christians all over the world.


Pastor Duke cfbadmin

If you are having any troubles with logging in or activating your account, please contact me using the contact form on the left.

48 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Profile photo of jo_henton

    Pastor, I’ve deleted my second (actually first) account, and I am down to this one. Thanks for your help. We’ll see how this works out.

    God Bless you!
    Jo Henton

    1. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

      Hi Wes, I can’t seem to find you on the active users list. We are experiencing a bug with some of the people that registered. Click on profile at the top of the page, click on edit, above your information, and then change your user name.

  2. Profile photo of dorothy_francis

    I have tried the activation key you sent me and it will not work. I have tried it several times what do I need to do

    God Bless You!

    Dorothy francis

    1. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

      Hi Dorothy,

      We have had a bug with some registrations. I have activated those people from my end. Just go to the home page and log in using your user name and password. If it doesn’t work, request a new password.

      Blessings to you!


  3. marilyn gonzalez

    Dear Pastor Duke – I see that I need a activation code to sign in the first time. How can I acquire that.

    Thank You Very Much
    Marilyn Gonzalez

  4. Profile photo of Norine Singh

    Hi friends, I’m still unable to upload my profile photo as I’m using Internet on mobile. Please help! Thanks.

    1. Profile photo of Jaime Villines

      Trying to figure the same thing, please update or point me to the answer if it’s already addressed elsewhere. Thanks!

      1. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

        This is an answer I got from one smart phone user.

        I just clicked on the upload photo then went to my gallery and chose a photo. I clicked post and got a red message asking to to add a caption. I did and everything posted fine

  5. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

    Ok, I am working on the mobile phone issue and have a call in for support. Until that time, your phones seem to be working with pictures on everything except your profile picture. If you are using the same email address as your Facebook or Twitter other social networking account, try logging in using your social network that has the same email. It should take your profile picture off that account and use it as your profile picture in the time being.

  6. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

    Ok, I just heard back from Tech support. Currently they are working on a fix for that part of the program. Until they get it fixed and updated which might be a couple of months, try logging in with a social network that has your picture (Facebook or Twitter) or one other suggestion is switching to a browser other than your default phone browser like Firefox or Chrome for mobile and see if that does the trick.

  7. Profile photo of Albert

    It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what. The weird thing about telling someone they’re dying is it tends to focus their priorities. You find out what matters to them. What they’re willing to die for. What they’re willing to lie for.

  8. Profile photo of jordan

    Good News – John 3:3-5 (salvation) Acts 2:38 (baptism in Jesus name) Acts 1:8 (the promise) Acts 2:2-4 (evidence of receiving the Holy spirit)- United Pentecostal Church phils.

  9. Profile photo of JethroJethro

    Hi Pastor Duke… I was wondering why I haven’t received notifications about the likes and comments on my posts? Is there a problem on my account?… How can I be informed that there are people commenting on my previous posts?… Hope you can help me…

    Thanks a lot and you are blessed.. ^_^

    1. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

      Hi Jethro,

      You should get email notifications of of the comments. There are not notifications that I am aware of for likes. Recently there has been a problem with the email server. Please let me know if the problem continues. Make sure you have set up notifications by email in your account settings as well.


      Pastor Duke

  10. cherrae elaine

    I see that you are having some program glitches, and I just want to add my profile to this group. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this and am sure some of my friends will be also. Thank you for addressing this for me.

    1. cherrae elaine

      Actually, I may not have been very clear. I received the email notification, but am unable to access the account.

  11. Profile photo of Barry

    I’m glad Jesus the Christ is King.His Kingdom isthe answer to lifestyle questions.Honestly when we answer first who is your king the rest is love.

    1. Profile photo of Pastor Duke CFB AdministratorPastor Duke CFB Administrator Post author

      There is no age limit. Since this site is moderated and there is no porn or foul language allowed, it is kid safe. That is why we are the faith and “family” friendly Christian social network. Family includes kids.

  12. Joanne Davenport

    i would like to register , could not find it, it only said this is somewhat embarrassing could not find what you are looking for

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