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Christian Faithbook is part of the Taber’s Truths family of Christian websites. It is wholly owned and operated by Pastor Duke Taber. Christian Faithbook was started on January 21st 2013. In it’s first week it had over 250 people sign up and has been growing since. Here is a little bit about the Taber’s Truths family of websites.

Taber’s Truths Today

I remember celebrating my first 1000 page views with my friends on Facebook. Today the website hits between 1500 and 3000 page views per day on average. On January 21st, Taber’s Truths was pleased to announce the launch of Christian Faithbook. The faith and family friendly Christian social network. Both Taber’s Truths and Christian Faithbook are hosted on a state of the art private server. Not bad for a guy with no computer training and did not know anything about being a webmaster or blogging 2 years ago.

Websites Owned By Taber’s Truths

Taber’s Truths in the future

Taber’s Truths will be continuing to expand into the Christian and family friendly market with future websites. Ideas currently being considered are a Christian blogging website for bloggers who want to be a part of a blogging network.

For advertising information contact Pastor Duke at his email address.

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