Christian Faithbook. The Faith and Family Friendly Christian Social Network

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Christian Faithbook is not a Facebook clone but it offers all the same features as Facebook that everybody uses.

Thank you for becoming a part of something exciting! Christian Faithbook is a brand new Christian social networking website uniting Christians around the world in faith and fellowship.

  • You have Friends lists, Friend requests, and friends activity feeds
  • You have groups that you can start and gather people around your particular interests
  • You can upload pictures, videos, and post status updates
  • You can share content from other websites or blogs that you own or like
  • You can invite your friends via email so that in no time at all, you can connect with all of your Christian friends.
  • You can customize your profile with a picture of yourself, share about your interests and who you are. You have the option as to whether or not your profile is public or private.
  • You can search for others people who are similar to you in your age, location, interests, ect.
  • You can private message people or publicly comment on their posts.

Please be patient as we build this community. It is brand new now, but with the power of Taber’s Truths Christian News and Commentary and it’s 50,000 Facebook Fans, it will soon be filled with Christians wanting a faith and family friendly alternative to Facebook

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